Join yacht in Atlantis Marina


Day at Rose Island Anchorage. Late evening departure.


Marsh Harbour. Abacos. Picturesque harbour with many waterfront bars and restaurants.

Green Turtle Cay. Quaint colonial town of New Plymouth.


Great Guana Cay. Great snorkelling, fishing and Nippers Beach Bar, the premier spot in the Abacos… Evening departure

North Eleuthera. Cruising around to the west coast. Hatchet Bay Harbour.


North Eleuthera. Governors Harbour. Picturesque harbour and settlement on the West Coast.

Cape Eleuthera. Evening departure.

Rum Cay. Renowned for its sea life, it offers a taste of the Bahamian outer islands. Early morning departure.

George Town, Exuma. Southern most point of the Exuma chain. Visit the Blue Hole and Chat n’Chill.

Compass Cay. a private island boasting beautiful sandy beaches, mangrove creeks and flats, rugged shores, tidal creeks and hilly vistas. Swim with nurse sharks in the marina, while Rachel's Bubble Bath,  where swells break and bubble over the rocks into a shallow bath, is also a major attraction.

Big Majors Spot and Staniel Cay. Swimming pigs and the Thunderball Grotto.

Continue north to Warderick Wells, offering a protected anchorage, plus excellent elevation and nature trails. Visit the skeleton of a 53’ Sperm Whale, then enjoy a hike to Boo Boo Hill where the blow holes make dramatic howling sounds when waves crash against the islands

Head north to Shroud Cay, the northern most island in the Exuma Land and Sea Park. Here you can explore the creaks that are tidal pathways through the mangrove forest, acting as a natural nursery for juvenile fish, sharks, crawfish, and more.

Highbourne Cay. Explore the beaches and stop to free dive or snorkel. Visit the sandbar on the western side of Saddleback Cay for excellent sand-dollar hunting. Evening departure.

Morning swim at Goulding Cay, surrounded by thousands of fish before departing the yacht from Albany marina (only 10 minutes from the airport).